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Megaliths, Mênhirs and Stone Circles of East Devon

Aylesbeare Round Barrows

Bronze Age Barrow, Aylesbeare

Grid reference SY05669166


Map showing Aylesbeare Round Barrows

Aylesbeare Round Barrow lies on land near the village of Aylesbeare just to the southeast of Exeter Airport. A second barrow lies 130 metres away at Grid Reference SY 0554 8999

Blackbury Camp

Iron Age Hill Fort, Seaton

Grid reference SY187924


Map showing Blackbury Camp

Otherwise known as Blackbury Castle, this is an Iron Age Hill Fort situated just to the northwest of Seaton in East Devon. Its shape was a flattened oval, resembling the letter 'D'. In the stewardship of English Heritage, they suggest that it was occupied between 200BC and 100BC. Its single set of ramparts with external ditch are relatively well preserved and defended an interior area of about 2ha. It was excavated between 1952-54 by the Devon Archaeological Society when Iron Age 'Glastonbury Ware' Pottery and over 1000 sling-stones were unearthed. It is easily accessible and is therfore very popular with walkers. A car park lies adjacent.

Broad Down Barrows

Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery, Farway

Grid reference SY 173940


Map showing Broad Down Barrows

A group of 24 Round Barrows found in a field on Broad Down in East Devon. The site is located roughly midway between Ottery St. Mary and Seaton on the north of Broad Down.

Colaton Raleigh Common Barrows

Bronze Age Barrow, Colaton Raleigh

Grid reference SY05088737


Map showing Colaton Raleigh Common Barrows

Little Tor Barrow and Tor Barrow, are two Bronze Age cairns sitting atop Colaton Raleigh Common in East Devon.

Dumpdon Great Camp

Iron Age Hill Fort, Honiton

Grid reference ST17620401


Map showing Dumpdon Great Camp

Dumpdon Great Camp lies just to the east of the village of Wick, just north of Honiton in East Devon. The hill fort lies at the southern end of the 261 metre high hill and dates from the Iron Age. The hillfort is rather triangular in shape, defending an area of about 2.6 hectares with two substantial ramparts with associated ditches to the north. The outer rampart has an average height of 1.2 metres with a width of 3.1 metres. It has an external ditch up to 1.3 metres deep by about 3.5 metres wide. The inner rampart stands 1.3m high with an average width of about 4.5 metres. It is also fronted by a ditch of average width of 4.7m. On the east and west sides the fort is protected by single ramparts. There is an entrance on the north east side.

Farway and Gittisham Hill Cemetery

Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery, Ottery St. Mary

Grid reference SY146962


Map showing Farway and Gittisham Hill Cemetery

On Gittisham Hill to the east of Ottery St. Mary in East Devon lies a Barrow Cemetery of around 33 round barrows. Nearby at Grid Reference SY148967 lie two bowl barrows.

Hembury Fort

Iron Age Hill Fort, Honiton

Grid reference ST11240310


Map showing Hembury Fort

Hembury Iron Age Hill Fort is possibly the finest prehistoric hillfort in Devon. With massive defensive ramparts, now tree-lined, it lies in East Devon about three miles northwest of Honiton. The hill-fort has an irregular oblong form, with its ramparts enclosing an area of about seven acres. The ramparts are very complete with associated ditches on the south, west and part of the northern sides. The ditches, still deep, are in places over 12 metres wide. Adjacent to the fort there was formerly a Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure, sadly little of this now remains. Artifacts discovered during excavations have revealed Roman finds as well as Iron Age.

Membury Castle

Iron Age Hill Fort, Axminster

Grid reference ST28270286


Map showing Membury Castle

Membury Castle lies overlooking the River Yarty, a tributary of the River Axe to the north of Axminster in East Devon. This Iron Age Hill fort should not be confused with the hill fort of the same name on the borders of Wiltshire and Berkshire. It consists of a large three acre field surrounded by an elliptical embankment containing a high proportion of chert rubble. The main funnel shaped entrance to the fort lies on the eastern side. The other gaps in the ramparts are thought to have been made much more recently. For instance, one entrance cut through the northern perimeter was made to allow sheep and cattle to graze in the field. The site at Membury Castle has been partly excavated. Artifacts mainly consisting of broken Iron Age pottery.

Sidbury Castle

Iron Age Hill Fort, Sidbury

Grid reference SY129913


Map showing Sidbury Castle

Sidbury Castle is an imposing Iron Age Hill Fort situated north of Sidmouth in East Devon. It stands in a commanding position on a large 185 metre high hilltop overlooking the town of Sidbury and the River Sid. A Scheduled Monument, the hillfort is aligned NW-SE and has a sort of pear shaped enclosure widening to the southeast. It is about 500 metres long with a maximum width of 100 metres. Its single rampart, standing about 1.2 metres high with external ditch, 2.9 metres wide and 1 metre deep, defended an area of about 4 hectares.

Woodbury Castle

Iron Age Hill Fort, Exeter

Grid reference SY032874


Map showing Woodbury Castle

Woodbury Castle is a quite well preserved Iron Age Hill Fort in East Devon with good access. Situated to the east of the village of Woodbury, near Exeter, it is thought to date from between 500BC and 300BC. The fort stands on a high point of Woodbury Common, about 185 metres above sea level, with commanding views both up and down the Exe Estuary and also across Lyme Bay.

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